toddlers& infants

Alright, so originally i was going to do weekly meal plans, but then i thought:
everyone has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to food,
and seriously how annoying is it to have to keep having to edit the meal plans?!
so i came up with a better, simpler idea….. why not teach everyone my simple way to make Emerson’s meal plans, then you can switch it up as often as you like!
great idea, huh? (:

NOTE: these are things that work for me , and my family obviously use your own judgement if your child is ready/ not ready for certain foods just substitute, these are merely ideas as sometimes its hard to get creative for children’s meals!

So with all that said…. lets begin!

First thing i do is break out a piece of paper and a pen.
then i section it off into five groups

Grain                Dairy                        Veggies                            Fruit                     protein
crackers     shredded cheese   cubed cucumber       apple sauce         scrambled eggs
rice               yogurt                   cooked carrots            cubed apples     hardboiled egggs
pasta             3% milk              cubed tomatoes         banana chunks    almond butter
Bread           cheese strings          cubed peppers               cubed oranges    peanut butter
Oatmeal                                            cooked peas              cubed melon               chicken
Cherrios                                            mashed patatos         cubed peaches         turkey
Baby Cereal                                 cooked squash          watermelon cubed        ham

obviously there are tons more options, and you can continue your list with the foods your little one loves.
Then we proceed to step two.

Each Day should contain 4 meals of solid( or mashed ) foods

breakfast & snack should consist of 3  items of the above groups ( try to get a few different groups.
Lunch & supper should consist of all five groups , unless your baby is under 9 months ( in which it will not be having dairy but bottles instead.)

**Dairy is not recommended until 9 months , so swap for something different or just avoid**

finally add in your bottle schedules ( if you still have them ) into your schedule and ta-da! your finished!




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