BEDTIMES; & our routines

my son.BEDTIMES;
How strict are you guys in your house for bedtimes? I have a seven month old, and I try to be as strict as possible with bedtimes and nap times, everyday we wakeup at 8am.
heres a quick look of our daily schedule :
8am- We wake up and start our day
9:30- snack time, (bottle or Cheerios or fruit)
11;15- Lunchtime!!
12:00 :clean up and circle ( song, story, craft)
12:30: Nap time( during this time, i clean & blog)
2;00 playtime

(Emerson 6 Months old)                        3:00-snack time ( while i cook supper)
5:00- daddy comes home
5:30 Suppertime
6-7:30: play time and family time
8:00- Bath time

*** Bedtime is 8;30 at night, unless he seems like he needs to go to bed a bit earlier(due to teething, or being sick , or just an exhausting day)!***