well its that time of year again, its almost February 14th
the best day of the year to :
– tell someone you love them
– celebrate with your sweetie
– eat abunch of junk food
-complain about the prices of cheap junk.

what do you guys do for valentines day ?
i never really thought much about the day , last year my sweetie and i had supper at subway then went grocery shopping. LOL so romantic,

BUT… now that we have a son, i think of this day completely differently, now i think of it as a day for just my sweetie and i to get away, enjoy ourselves and relax. We’ve earned it , keeping up with our 7 month old .

so this year for valentines, my sweetie and i  rented a hotel room, a hotel that happens to have an awesome pool and water-slides.
needless to say , i am one excited  mommy

But, everyone has different ideas of how they want to spend their special day,
so wether  your stuffing your face ,binge watching netflix or out on the most romantic date possibly,
i hope you have an amazing day .



stay at home mom,

okay guys im a stay at home mom, which some of you may already know,
but the hot new things seem to be these online surveys , where you can collect points to redeem for cash, but alot of them are just a big waste of time as nothing ever amounts to anything,

but i have found the holy grail of survey /product tester sites

its called cash crate and you can check it out here,
after my first day ive already made 14$ just for

-taking surveys,
-signing up with other sites to take surveys
-testing products,

its really cool and only takes a few minutes to check out, if you wanna give it a look over
there is the signup link.

just thought id let you know about the gem i found