Happy Valentines everyone,
I hope your having a special day with your sweethearts, or your families.
Im off to spend the weekend in a hotel with my hunnie, Im quite excitied,
I’ll try and make another fitness post this weekend as i didn’t get it up yesterday
so sorry guys !!



Friday the 13–update

Sorry its been so long since I’ve last written,
It has been a pretty crazy week,
hopefully everyone has been well.
I Woke up this morning, worst sleep ever, worst wakeup. then my boyfriend looks at me as says
” its friday the 13th hunnie”.
Oh my goodness, no thank you.
So in the spirit of trying to crush my horrible day ,
here is a list of things i would like to achieve today ,
– pack for the hotel
– pack for my sons over night stay at grandmas ,
Рdye my hair& paint my toes,
– write a nice fitness article for right here on FITMOMMY
– mop the floors
– 1/2 workout

Do you guys make weekly checklists? daily? or do you just have a running list of stuff that needs to be done? Or maybe you don’t even make lists. let me know down below.

until next time ,

lets just skip this day and move on to tomorrow shall we ?


Welcome to ; THAT FIT
My names susan, and why am i here? well I’m here to show you, inspire you, and help you get fit after your pregnancy.

now lets see maybe you gained 20 pounds during pregnancy.
maybe you gained 70,
Or maybe you were always on the larger side,
whatever the case, Im here to help.

i like most of you have struggled with my weight my entire life, but ive finally gotten onto the right track, and im getting fit!
so i decided to make this blog & Cookbook/Guide to help everyone else get fit too.

I’ve spent numerous hours looking up tips & Recipes, & Routines so that YOU DONT HAVE TO, how cool is that? Its like one stop shopping.

Fitness Related :
-healthy recipes
-fitness tips.
-easy & quick fitness routines,
-advise and help
-inspirational stories, and quotes
-before and after photos.

Toddler Related:
-toddler tips, advise, routine ideas & inspiration
-the occasional diy or craft
-Toddler Meal Plans

-bugget tips/life tips
-fun printables
-holiday planning help!

we all know the hardest part about getting fit is staying motivated, so check in daily for more motivation and together we can break the cycle!