Friday the 13–update

Sorry its been so long since I’ve last written,
It has been a pretty crazy week,
hopefully everyone has been well.
I Woke up this morning, worst sleep ever, worst wakeup. then my boyfriend looks at me as says
” its friday the 13th hunnie”.
Oh my goodness, no thank you.
So in the spirit of trying to crush my horrible day ,
here is a list of things i would like to achieve today ,
– pack for the hotel
– pack for my sons over night stay at grandmas ,
– dye my hair& paint my toes,
– write a nice fitness article for right here on FITMOMMY
– mop the floors
– 1/2 workout

Do you guys make weekly checklists? daily? or do you just have a running list of stuff that needs to be done? Or maybe you don’t even make lists. let me know down below.

until next time ,

lets just skip this day and move on to tomorrow shall we ?


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