DAYS FROM H*LL.. and how to survive them

i dont even know where to begin, do you ever have those days were you dont even know how you managed to get out of bed? The days where you cant do anything right , and your counting down the hours till you get to go back home and crawl up in your bed. I do , honestly i get them more then i would like to admit. Today while i was thinking about everything that was happening
i realized , its really not that bad,
yeah my son and i may be sick at the moment… but well get better.
I may have lost my day planner but its just ideas, and schedules, its not like i lost a human being.
in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives i think we forget to just stop and look around, stop and be grateful for what we have, our health , our friends, our families.

so with that said here are my top ten mood improvers!
1) Think of all the things going right in your life, even write a list if it helps!
2)Turn on some good tunes and dance out the bad day gibbers
3) Go for a run – it’ll boost your mood from all the endorphins.
4) Get  a massage or have an at home spa day. relax, try a yummy face mask or hair mask!
5) Plan something special to look forward to at the end of the day, like a movie date or a gathering with friends for drinks.
6) Curl up with a good book or movie.-cry it out, laugh it out, scream it out whatever works
7) Housework,  i know it sounds ironic but sometimes the best mood booster is cranking the tunes and cleaning the house.. and the end result makes you feel awesome too!
8) plan a special meal, doesn’t have to be a cheat meal but just something that you took a little extra time and care making

9) take a long relaxing bubble bath – simply slip away into your thoughts and relax! you deserved it!
10) take a nap- this ones my favorite sometimes there is nothing that can help our bad day except to sleep it off and wake up and start fresh

i hope this helps to bust your bad mood next time your having a bad day!
enjoy yourselves


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