Vitamin Water

I love drinking vitamin water & other flavored waters, because it tastes so yummy.
But unfortunately store bought vitamin waters are sometimes full of a ton of calories, and also quite costly so here are some yummy water recipes that also help!

Green Tea + mint + Lime
is good for :Fat Burning, Digestion, and headaches

cucumber +strawberry + kiwi
is good for : blood sugar support & digestion

lemons + cucumbers + lime
good for : appetite control , Hydration, and Digestion

lime + lemon + orange
good for : helping with heartburn , immune defense , and digestion

here are some of my favorite other combinations:

mango + lime
strawberry + mango
raspberry + blueberries
oranges + strawberries

hope this gave your some yummy flavored water ideas!


Happy Valentines everyone,
I hope your having a special day with your sweethearts, or your families.
Im off to spend the weekend in a hotel with my hunnie, Im quite excitied,
I’ll try and make another fitness post this weekend as i didn’t get it up yesterday
so sorry guys !!


Friday the 13–update

Sorry its been so long since I’ve last written,
It has been a pretty crazy week,
hopefully everyone has been well.
I Woke up this morning, worst sleep ever, worst wakeup. then my boyfriend looks at me as says
” its friday the 13th hunnie”.
Oh my goodness, no thank you.
So in the spirit of trying to crush my horrible day ,
here is a list of things i would like to achieve today ,
– pack for the hotel
– pack for my sons over night stay at grandmas ,
– dye my hair& paint my toes,
– write a nice fitness article for right here on FITMOMMY
– mop the floors
– 1/2 workout

Do you guys make weekly checklists? daily? or do you just have a running list of stuff that needs to be done? Or maybe you don’t even make lists. let me know down below.

until next time ,

lets just skip this day and move on to tomorrow shall we ?

simple sweet smoothies.

here are some super yummy [ and healthy !] smoothie recipes,
feel free to tweak them , and make them your own  , as they are pretty basic,
but i enjoy the bare basics, so lets begin

the banana bandit :
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup ice
2 bananas
1 cup kale

1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup ice
2 pears
1 banana
1cup Spinach

Tropical Breeze
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup ice
1cup pineapple
1 banana
1 cup spinach( or other leafy greens)

Berry Blast
1 1/2 cups water
1/2 cup ice
1 1/2 cup mixed berries
1 mango
1 cup spinach ( or other leafy greens)

Raspberry Ripple 
2 cups water
1 cup frozen Raspberries  ( or fresh and add ice)
1 banana
1 spinach ( or try bok choy for a change of pace !)

Coconut Crazy :
1 /2 cup water
1/2 cup ice
1 cup pineapple,
1/2 cup coconut juice
1cup spinach

** for a yummy twist try adding coconut water instead of the tap water  !**
want more of a juice instead of a smoothie? turn the ice amount back into normal water !

hope you enjoy , I’m off to make myself a smoothie right now



well its that time of year again, its almost February 14th
the best day of the year to :
– tell someone you love them
– celebrate with your sweetie
– eat abunch of junk food
-complain about the prices of cheap junk.

what do you guys do for valentines day ?
i never really thought much about the day , last year my sweetie and i had supper at subway then went grocery shopping. LOL so romantic,

BUT… now that we have a son, i think of this day completely differently, now i think of it as a day for just my sweetie and i to get away, enjoy ourselves and relax. We’ve earned it , keeping up with our 7 month old .

so this year for valentines, my sweetie and i  rented a hotel room, a hotel that happens to have an awesome pool and water-slides.
needless to say , i am one excited  mommy

But, everyone has different ideas of how they want to spend their special day,
so wether  your stuffing your face ,binge watching netflix or out on the most romantic date possibly,
i hope you have an amazing day .


stay at home mom,

okay guys im a stay at home mom, which some of you may already know,
but the hot new things seem to be these online surveys , where you can collect points to redeem for cash, but alot of them are just a big waste of time as nothing ever amounts to anything,

but i have found the holy grail of survey /product tester sites

its called cash crate and you can check it out here,
after my first day ive already made 14$ just for

-taking surveys,
-signing up with other sites to take surveys
-testing products,

its really cool and only takes a few minutes to check out, if you wanna give it a look over
there is the signup link.

just thought id let you know about the gem i found


DAYS FROM H*LL.. and how to survive them

i dont even know where to begin, do you ever have those days were you dont even know how you managed to get out of bed? The days where you cant do anything right , and your counting down the hours till you get to go back home and crawl up in your bed. I do , honestly i get them more then i would like to admit. Today while i was thinking about everything that was happening
i realized , its really not that bad,
yeah my son and i may be sick at the moment… but well get better.
I may have lost my day planner but its just ideas, and schedules, its not like i lost a human being.
in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives i think we forget to just stop and look around, stop and be grateful for what we have, our health , our friends, our families.

so with that said here are my top ten mood improvers!
1) Think of all the things going right in your life, even write a list if it helps!
2)Turn on some good tunes and dance out the bad day gibbers
3) Go for a run – it’ll boost your mood from all the endorphins.
4) Get  a massage or have an at home spa day. relax, try a yummy face mask or hair mask!
5) Plan something special to look forward to at the end of the day, like a movie date or a gathering with friends for drinks.
6) Curl up with a good book or movie.-cry it out, laugh it out, scream it out whatever works
7) Housework,  i know it sounds ironic but sometimes the best mood booster is cranking the tunes and cleaning the house.. and the end result makes you feel awesome too!
8) plan a special meal, doesn’t have to be a cheat meal but just something that you took a little extra time and care making

9) take a long relaxing bubble bath – simply slip away into your thoughts and relax! you deserved it!
10) take a nap- this ones my favorite sometimes there is nothing that can help our bad day except to sleep it off and wake up and start fresh

i hope this helps to bust your bad mood next time your having a bad day!
enjoy yourselves


so on top of everything else on this website
I decided I’m going to be posting monthly challenges.
that you can follow along with if you like.
They are for beginner-intermediate trainers.
and they will only be up one at a time.
The 1st of every month i will change up the challenge.

Februarys challenge: Will be The nice buns challenge.
Thats right ladies, squats and lunges.


BEDTIMES; & our routines

my son.BEDTIMES;
How strict are you guys in your house for bedtimes? I have a seven month old, and I try to be as strict as possible with bedtimes and nap times, everyday we wakeup at 8am.
heres a quick look of our daily schedule :
8am- We wake up and start our day
9:30- snack time, (bottle or Cheerios or fruit)
11;15- Lunchtime!!
12:00 :clean up and circle ( song, story, craft)
12:30: Nap time( during this time, i clean & blog)
2;00 playtime

(Emerson 6 Months old)                        3:00-snack time ( while i cook supper)
5:00- daddy comes home
5:30 Suppertime
6-7:30: play time and family time
8:00- Bath time

*** Bedtime is 8;30 at night, unless he seems like he needs to go to bed a bit earlier(due to teething, or being sick , or just an exhausting day)!***

Pre-workout Snack Ideas vs. Post-workout snack ideas

If your just beginning your weight loss journey  or even just trying to maintain your weight   you may have no idea what you should be eating before and after then gym. If this is the case then this is for you!
Below i have broken down some ideas for before and after snacks, and by showing you these it will be easier to substitute and make it your own!
Just Remember
pre -workout snacks should be high in carbs, where as post workout snacks should be filled with proteins. So with that being said, shall we begin?

-Dried Fruits
-humas and carrots
– Flavoured Greek yogurt
-apple Chips
-Rice Cakes with Peanut butter (or honey)
-fruit smoothie
-apples and peanut butter( or almond butter)
granola , greek yogurt , and frozen berries

-Protein Bar
-Pistachios & fruit
-Rice Cakes &Cottage Cheese & Tomato slice
-Greek Yogurt & Peanut Butter & Berries
-Chocolate Milk
-Chocolate Protein Pudding
-Hard Boiled Egg& dried Fruit